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TACOM commanding general visits RIA-JMTC

TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Commanding General, Gwen Bingham recognized Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center key persons for their efforts with the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign.

TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Commanding General, Gwen Bingham conducts a town hall with the employees at Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center.

Maj. Gen. Gwen Bingham, commanding general of the United States Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, visited the Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center (RIA-JMTC) on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

This was Bingham's second visit to RIA-JMTC since assuming command on June 25. Upon her arrival, she received a brief from Col. David Luders, commander RIA-JMTC, senior leaders and supporting staff. The focus of the briefing was to review the findings of recent studies, including the challenges and path forward for the arsenal to improve its effectiveness.

Bingham also hosted two town halls for the workforce. During the town halls, she provided her leadership philosophy and focused on SHARP, workload and opportunities, safety and looking to key focus areas for the future. She also stressed the importance of taking care of all employees, maintaining a high morale and upholding professionalism.

“Each of you believes that you’re making a difference, and you should because you are,” Bingham said. “Make a single, positive effort every single day and I think that’s a great news story. You have a role to play in that by your actions, your words, and your deeds, and we appreciate that. We cannot do what we do without the people that make it happen. And here in this room, and whom I will see in a few hours, you represent the crown jewel of Rock Island Arsenal.”

Bingham toured the Ambulance Program assembly line, seeing the assembly process of the ambulance frame to the enclosure secured on the HMMWV. She also toured the recoil room where she was shown various versions of recoils the arsenal has built over the years, and continues to build today.

Employees from the Ambulance Program were recognized for their effort and dedication to the program, along with employees who served as key persons in the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign. Also recognized for their efforts in assistance with the Ambulance Program were Sgt. 1st Class Justin Graff and Staff Sgt. Victor Tellez, National Guard.

A brown bag lunch was held with Bingham and 30 employees who make up the RIA-JMTC Voluntary Protection Program Steering Committee (VPPSC) and the Communication Committee. Employees had the opportunity to sit down with Bingham and discuss current highlights and issues.

“Lunch with Gen. Bingham was very refreshing; she seems like a real people person that wants to hear what everyone has to say,” noted Erica Alexander, co-chair of the VPPSC, who attended the lunch with Bingham. “She encouraged the VPPSC to continue moving forward and for all JMTC employees to get involved.”

Bingham closed out her visit with a briefing on the arsenal’s budget status, and findings from an execution strategy team which developed a predictive manning matrix that may allow RIA-JMTC’s senior leaders to predict future manning needs with greater accuracy to meet mission requirements.

"I've seen a lot of change since my last visit," said Bingham. "You are moving out and making a lot of positive changes."
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