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ROTC grad shadows TACOM CG

2nd Lt. Becca Rosenblatt and Maj. Gen. Clark LeMasters flex their muscles in front of an Abrams tank at TACOM Life Cycle Management Command headquarters in Warren, Mich. Rosenblatt shadowed LeMasters, TACOMís commanding general, March 6, 2017.

On December 2nd Lt. Becca Rosenblatt was recruiting Army officers at Michigan State University, her alma mater. Nearly three months later she was shadowing the commanding general of TACOM Life Cycle Management Command – Army Materiel Command’s largest unit – to see what the Army is like outside of ROTC.
Maj. Gen. Clark W. LeMasters Jr., TACOM’s CG and a former ordnance officer, met Rosenblatt, a future ordnance officer, at MSU in November when he was there for a series of meetings. Knowing that the two had Army ordnance in common, her professor of military science arranged for them to meet. It was then that LeMasters invited her to spend a day with him at TACOM, which she did March 6.
Rosenblatt, who was commissioned upon her graduation from MSU in December, began the Army’s four-month Basic Officer Leader Course in Virginia shortly after shadowing LeMasters. The course is designed to produce Army officers with leadership skills, small unit tactics and basic branch capabilities – ordnance, in her case.
Their first meeting at MSU lasted about 20 minutes and focused on the duties of an ordnance officer. At TACOM, she sat in on some of LeMasters’ meetings and experienced “a day in the life” at the command. “I saw some of the technical meetings, as well as a leadership briefing, which I found very beneficial,” she said.
The lieutenant, who majored in biomedical laboratory sciences, said she gained a new perspective regarding her future career as an Army officer and leader.
“I learned basic information about ordnance as a branch as well as how it pertains to logistics, specifically TACOM,” said the West Bloomfield, Michigan, native. “Additionally, I gained knowledge on the multitude and complexity of TACOM itself and how it correlates with different aspects of the military, and that TACOM is there to be a driving force in the sustainment and capabilities of the Army. It was very interesting to see how much attention to detail there is, and how one small decision can affect the entire Army.”
In addition to everything she observed, Rosenblatt said LeMasters shared his leadership philosophy.
“One of the main points that stuck with me was, ‘Create the environment you strive for from the moment you walk in.’ This influenced me because from the moment I meet my future soldiers, I must create the expectations I want to set for my time with them,” she said.
The CG also said, “Don’t worry about if you are going to war, worry about your Soldiers.” Rosenblatt said, “Hearing this made me realize that, yes, the big picture is winning the war; however, you cannot win the battle without having a strong team. As a team, you must build and work together, and ensure that everyone is meeting expectations and standards before you can focus on the big picture.”
The general’s time management skills didn’t escape her, either.
“I learned that you must be able to time manage and develop a plan,” she said. “The CG has a constantly busy schedule and each meeting pertains to something else. Being able to think on your feet and plan is a crucial aspect in having a successful career.”
She also learned about being a people person. “As we walked in the halls of TACOM he would acknowledge everyone that he walked by,” she noted.
“I truly appreciated the opportunity and will forever remember it throughout my Army career,” she concluded. 
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