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TACOM from coast to coast

Jujuan Jones assembles a M249 squad automatic weapon in Anniston Army Depot's Small Arms Repair Facility. The SAW is overhauled and repaired at the depot for both the Army and Marine Corps.

Quality Assurance Representatives from DCMA-GDLS provide training on quality assurance and end item inspection to members of the Royal Saudi Land Forces to prepare them to receive their vehicles that are being upgraded at the Joint Systems Manufactur

Red River Army Depot is the remanufacturing home of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle as well as other tactical wheeled vehicles including the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. The depot possess the capability to remanufacture 40

The Rock Island Arsenal operates the only active foundry in the Department of the Army.  It is one of more than 16 manufacturing processes that are under one command and control at RIA.  Through all these processes the Arsenal can start with raw mate

Sierra Army Depot receives and stores a variety of Class II and IX items as part of the End of First Life Cylce until such direction is given from the Item Manager for disposition.  Many of the combat vehicles in storage are used for Foreign Military

General Dennis L. Via, right, who assumed duties as the 18th Commander of the Army Materiel Command in August 2012, was presented with 200 years of Arsenal history during his first visit last October to the historic Watervliet Arsenal. Arsenal Comman

The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) may be headquartered in Warren, Michigan, but its reach and efforts span the nation from coast to coast, border to border. In this issue of TACOM LCMC Community Report, we take a look at TACOM’s locations in Illinois, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, New York and California, and how they fit into TACOM’s national efforts to support our nation’s Soldiers.

Anniston, Alabama - Anniston Army Depot
Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) in Anniston, Alabama, has served our nation for over 71 years.  It is the combat vehicle depot for repair, modification, upgrade and conversion of all heavy and light tracked vehicles (except the Bradley), towed and self-propelled artillery and assault bridging systems for America's defense forces and her allies.  Additionally, the depot repairs and overhauls all small arms from 9mm pistols to 120mm mortars, thus being the primary Small Arms Rebuild Center for America's military forces.

"The men and women at ANAD are the best in the world at what they do," said Chuck Gunnels, chief of Anniston Army Depot's Combat Vehicle Value Stream. "They have not only set up a new production line but they did it while utilizing quality improvement initiatives and LEAN Six Sigma principles."

The depot is moving forward with Army transformation initiatives by providing direct support for Stryker vehicle assembly and repair programs. Additionally, the depot is leading the way within the Department of Defense in the public-private partnership arena with over such agreements currently in place covering a wide range of activities.

Texarkana, Texas - Red River Army Depot
The story of Red River Army Depot (RRAD) began in 1941 when the need of a nation led to the establishment of an ammunition storage facility in Texarkana, Texas. Though the mission and capabilities of RRAD have changed over the past 70 years, the overarching focus of providing the Soldier with quality products and service has not. Today Red River is engaged in activities ranging in scope from producing timber to refurbishing the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. The depot is designated by the Secretary of the Army as the Center for Industrial and Technical Excellence for Tactical Wheeled Vehicles, the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Small Emplacement Excavator, the Multiple Launch Rocket System, Rough Terrain Forklifts and a multitude of secondary items.

Supported by over 4,500 employees (both federal and contractor), the depot also houses the only facility within the Department of Defense capable of remanufacturing road wheels and track. In 2007, Red River became home to the Joint Service’s MRAP University. The university is a one-stop shop providing a unique cross-platform venue to prepare individuals with the skills to perform higher level maintenance on the entire MRAP family of vehicles. The depot is the 2011 recipient of the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence as well as the two time recipient of the Robert T. Mason Award for Depot Maintenance Excellence. RRAD is a strategic asset providing support at operational speed and is an essential element of the joint forces.

Rock Island, Illinois - Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing Technology Center
Resting between Illinois and Iowa in the middle of the Mississippi River, the Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) occupies three million square feet on Arsenal Island. As the only multi-purpose and vertically integrated metal manufacturer in the Department of Defense, the center possesses the unique technical expertise and equipment to manufacture products high in quality and sustainability. RIA also reaches out to the community by offering machinist apprenticeships and other training programs to qualified applicants. The availability of centralized manufacturing and testing allows production to come full circle, thus minimizing the need to outsource.
"The Rock Island Arsenal provides a fully integrated metal manufacturing capability to the TACOM LCMC and the Army,” says Col. James O. Fly, Jr., Commander, Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing Technology Center. “We can take raw material in at one side of our Arsenal and have a finished product roll out the other. TACOM LCMC can turn to our arsenal to provide Rapid Response Manufacturing Capability and World Class Quality Manufactured Products, Services and Logistics in support of our Nation."

Watervliet, New York - Joint Manufacturing Technology Center at Watervliet Arsenal
"As an Army-owned and -operated manufacturing center that has supported our nation in every conflict since the War of 1812, I believe that we have an obligation, a sense of duty, if you will, to ensure that our servicemen and women are provided with the highest quality of weaponry," says Col. Mark F. Migaleddi, commander of the Watervliet Arsenal in Watervliet, New York.

The Watervliet Arsenal was founded in 1813 to support the “Second War for Independence” the War of 1812. The arsenal has been and continues to be a valuable resource for world class defense manufacturing. In 1887, the arsenal became America’s “Cannon Factory.” Today, the facility remains as America’s sole manufacturing source for large caliber cannons in production volume. Located along the Hudson River, just a few miles north of the state capital of Albany, Watervliet Arsenal is relied upon to produce today’s most advanced, high-tech, high-powered weaponry for cannons, howitzers and mortars. The Watervliet Arsenal maintains a long heritage of being recognized as the premier manufacturer of the finest artillery in the world. The co-location with the Army’s elite design agency, Benét Labratories, creates the choice destination for your design, development and production needs.

Lima, Ohio - Joint Systems Manufacturing Center
The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC) in Lima, Ohio produces a variety of ground combat systems for the Department of Defense, with the signature vehicle being the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. Defense Contract Management Agency-General Dynamics Land Systems (DCMA-GDLS) provides contract administration and quality assurance oversight to all major programs at JSMC and also provides installation management and command functions on behalf of TACOM LCMC through an Executive Agent Memorandum of Agreement. The primary customer is PEO-GCS and specifically PM-HBCT (PM Abrams).

"The Defense Contract Management Agency - General Dynamics Land Systems provides performance-based customer-focused acquisition support and program management services to ensure high quality Abrams and Stryker combat vehicles,” says Lt. Col. Yee Hang, commander, DCMA-GDLS and JSMC-Lima. “Additionally, DCMA-GDLS serves as the Executive Agent representative for TACOM providing comprehensive facility management of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center."

Herlong, California - Sierra Army Depot
Sierra Army Depot (SIAD), located in Herlong, California, has an ideal high desert climate, an onsite airfield, extensive rail and transportation network and is a recognized multi-functional installation. Sierra provides rapid expeditionary logistics support and long-term sustainment solutions to the Army and the Joint Force. Sierra serves as a Strategic Power Projection Platform providing logistics support for asset receipt, classification, management, storage, distribution, maintenance, assembly & containerization, and the rapid worldwide shipment of material in support of the warfighter. Sierra has received Center of Technical Excellence (CITE) designation for all Petroleum and Water Distribution Systems (PAWS). Missions include Equipment Reset, new assembly & kitting operations, training support, maintaining of Medical readiness stock and other Operational Project stocks, a redistribution mission for Class II and IX items and have established an End-of First Life Cycle Center for excess combat vehicles.

"Every operation at Sierra fits into the TACOM LCMC slogan - We touch every service every day,” says Lt. Col. Christopher Dexter, SIAD Commander. “Sierra has the CITE designation for fuel and water systems, performs a Clothing Issue Facility mission for Active and Reserve Soldiers (completing 400+ orders a day) and is the TACOM Retrograde and Redistribution location for AMI, NAMI and NSE property from Theater, Posts, Camps and Stations. Sierra maintains a diverse and adaptable workforce, ready to meet any challenge in support of the Soldier. This flexibility provides TACOM an outlet to send many new and challenging projects (add-on armor reset, self sealing fuel tankers, flat racks etc.) to Sierra. Pride in Excellence! Army Strong!"

Sierra has been designated as the Army's consolidation and distribution center for the Clothing Management Office (CMO), supporting Brigade-level Organizational Clothing & Individual Equipment (OCIE) RESET Operations. SIAD also performs similar-type functions on clothing to receive, identify, classify and bring to record new OCIE directly from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), "excess" OCIE from Clothing and Issue Facilities (CIF's) as well as returned items from SWA (e.g., posts/camps/stations).  SIAD embraces continuous improvement, has Private-Public Partners and provides critical life cycle management support for equipment and supplies.

TACOM Coast to Coast
TACOM’s efforts across the nation are broad and the new Community Report is one way TACOM LCMC is working to help connect the employees and stakeholders of the U.S. Army with one another and how all of the moving parts and pieces of supporting our nation’s Soldiers fit together to provide our warfighters with overwhelming lethality, survivability, mobility, and sustainment for battlefield dominance, now and in the future.
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