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TACOM supervisor eyes ‘Mr. Universe’ title

Marvin Elmore poses for judges at the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Bodybuilding Championships in June 2016.

When he is not busy performing his duties as a shelf life management team supervisor in TACOM’s Integrated Logistics Support Center, where he supervises 10 people, Marvin Elmore devotes much of his time to bodybuilding.
While many may think of bodybuilders as people who become very muscular by spending large amounts of time working out at the gym, there is really more to it than that. It also involves other factors, such as nutrition and weight control, in order to prepare themselves to showcase their bodies at various competitions.
Elmore said he generally participates in three competitions per year, for which each takes about 13 weeks to prepare. This year he plans to participate in a qualifier competition in June and the “Mr. Universe” contest in December. He also plans to participate in the Pittsburgh National Championship in May 2018.
During the 13-week preparation period prior to each contest, he follows a strict, healthy diet and avoids things such as carbohydrates and salt.
He says that one of the things that motivates him is his goal of earning his pro card, which will enable him to become a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilders and be able to participate in professional competitions sponsored by the IFBB. To be eligible to obtain a pro card, one must place first or second in their weight class or in the overall competition. However, only a limited number of pro cards are awarded at each show, so not everyone who is eligible will necessarily receive a card.
Competitiveness and the thrill of seeing how he can transform his body from the way it looks most of the time to the way it looks on stage are other motivating factors. He enjoys being around other bodybuilders who take fitness seriously and the thrill of being able to compete against some of the best and win. In recent competitions, he has placed first in his class and second overall. He says he does not consider it a win unless he wins the overall championship.
For those who want to get into bodybuilding, Elmore advises them to “get with someone and learn.” He also says that they need to “study, study, study and start reading about their craft.” He says that although some people, due to genetic factors, do not have the overall body symmetry needed to be successful in bodybuilding, those who do can benefit greatly by following his advice.
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