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Ken Polk, Armed Forces Sports, presents the Men’s Singles third place plaque to Sgt. First Class Damian Codrington May 8 at the 2017 Armed Forces Bowling Championship. The tournament took place at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., May 5-8.

TACOM bowler strikes it big at armed forces tourney

When Sgt. 1st Class Damian Codrington decides to do something, he goes big. 

According to its website, the GKMMC addresses the needs and concerns of military and Department of Defense civilian riders through education, safety knowledge and the shared joy of riding.

Arsenal motorcycle club seeks riding enthusiasts

Manny Gonzales loves riding his motorcycle on Michigan’s backroads, away from the traffic and congestion on the interstates. He doesn’t use a map. A right turn here, a left turn there and he might find himself driving along a scenic lake or pulling up to an antique shop or second-hand store that he wouldn’t otherwise find. He may not know where he will end up but he can always follow his GPS home.

This composite image displays TACOM’s unit insignia from 1967 and today. The image of the first insignia was printed in the January 1967 issue of The Detroit Arsenal News.

This month in June TACOM history

John Stefanich and Billy J. Nichols, both from the Physical Science Laboratory, visited the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, where officials from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration conducted a Sotran test on June 14 and 15.


TACOM welcomes new deputy chief of staff

After serving for nearly 16 years in the Integrated Logistics Support Center, Annette Riggs began serving as TACOM’s new deputy chief of staff last month.


This month in history

The U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC), engaged in developing, producing, supplying, and maintaining weapons, equipment and other materiel for the Army, consists of a nationwide network of 87 military installations and 89 activities.


TACOM supervisor eyes ‘Mr. Universe’ title

When he is not busy performing his duties as a shelf life management team supervisor in TACOM’s Integrated Logistics Support Center, where he supervises 10 people, Marvin Elmore devotes much of his time to bodybuilding.


This month in history: Bill Holley helps Korean orphans

In far off Korea, Bill Holley is America for the 176 orphans at the Ham Kwang Christian Orphanage at Kwang-Ju. He spends a lot of time with these homeless waifs trying to instill a little cheer into their young lives. Through his efforts, these children lead a little better life.


Crash test dummies help TARDEC mitigate blast injuries

It doesn’t take a genius to know that injuries to Soldiers from roadside bombs and their resulting vehicle crashes could take a serious toll on readiness, the Army’s No. 1 priority. In fact, when it comes to testing materials or providing data to evaluate solutions to reduce injuries during these events, it takes a real dummy.


Army program mitigates avalanche threat in Western states

Using military artillery to control avalanches is not new to the Army, which did it in Europe during WW II and was the first to successfully do it in the U.S., according to a paper on the program’s history written by Doug Abromeit. In 1949, according to the former director of the Forest Service’s National Avalanche Center, two Forest Service employees convinced the Utah National Guard to fire 75 mm French howitzer rounds into avalanche zones above Alta Ski Area. The Army has governed the ACP ever since to keep ski resorts and other forestry locations open, reduce roadway closures, and protect motorists and mountain villages from deadly avalanches.


TACOM teammate instrumental in saving friend’s life

At about 8:30 on the morning of the Fourth of July, 2016, while vacationing in Ludington, Michigan, with family and friends at a resort on Hamlin Lake, Eric Bradley was sleeping when there was a frantic knock on the door. Bradley, a lead logistics management specialist for the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, opened the door to find his friend Connie Hansen, who had rushed over because her husband, Mark, was gasping for air and she could not wake him up.


Army Donations Program adds honor, dignity and symbolism to military ceremonies

Military ceremonies and memorial services are rich in emotion, tradition and symbolism. These symbols, such as the ceremonial firing of rifles, are ingrained in American culture as trademarks of honor and dignity. Without these displays of patriotism, military ceremonies, including a memorial service or a veteran’s funeral, would not hold the same significance.

This month in history - Some 1967 TACOM responsibilities relevant 50 years later

As a major subordinate command under U.S. Army Materiel Command, TACOM assumed responsibility for three program managers and retained oversight of project managers for related systems until 1987. That is when recommendations of the Packard Commission and Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act of 1986 resulted in the creation of independent program executive officers. 


IG emphasizes resourcefulness, confidentiality

If a commanding general wanted to pick someone to be an extension of his or her eyes, ears, voice and conscience among the workforce, he or she might be drawn to someone who has seen the Army from both inside and out. 


Army Arsenal: A place where a woman may be the best man for a job

Ever since that hot summer in 1813 when the arsenal began shipping products to a young Army in what would become known as the War of 1812, women have toiled side-by-side their male counterparts in the arsenal production bays, packing flannel ammunition cartridges or running five-axis machines.


This month in TACOM history

Editor’s note: the following article is reprinted from the December 1966 issue of The Detroit Arsenal News. It was an open letter from Maj. Gen. W. W. Lapsley, commanding general of the Army Tank Automotive Center, to the local workforce – the precursor to TACOM. It was titled, “Open letter from CG on new set up at ATAC.”
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