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Watervliet Arsenal

Watervliet Arsenal in Watervliet, New York, is an Army Center of Industrial & Technical Excellence for manufacturing cannon and mortar systems.  The Arsenal bvgis an Army-owned-and-operated manufacturing facility and is the oldest,continuously active arsenal in the United States having begun operations during the War of 1812.  Today, the Arsenal is relied upon by U.S. and foreign militaries to produce the most advanced, high-tech, high-powered weaponry for cannon, howitzer, and mortar systems. This National Historic Registered Landmark has an annual economic benefit to the local community in excess of $100 million.



Army Arsenal: A place where a woman may be the best man for a job

Ever since that hot summer in 1813 when the arsenal began shipping products to a young Army in what would become known as the War of 1812, women have toiled side-by-side their male counterparts in the arsenal production bays, packing flannel ammunition cartridges or running five-axis machines.


Rebranding is never easy, especially when you’re 203 years old

WATERVLIET ARSENAL, N.Y. – The Watervliet Arsenal in October announced its effort to rebrand the 203-year-old Army manufacturing center by launching a new logo and the accompanying tagline, “Building on Excellence. Forging the Future.” This is the first strategic rebranding of the arsenal’s logo in about 100 years and is part of a broader business development strategy that is under revision.

6.15 Feature Industrial Base LIST

Key leaders discuss preserving the Industrial Base

Army Materiel Command’s top leader engaged congressional representatives and staff members May 14 for a candid discussion focused on preserving the country’s national security insurance policy. 

September Feature 1 LIST

Major production change at Watervliet Arsenal due to a Canadian company

During the arsenal's more than 200-year history, it has adapted to countless changes to its production lines, having gone from packing flannel ammunition cartridges during the War of 1812 to manufacturing mortar systems for today's troops who serve in Afghanistan. But the production change at Watervliet last month was unlike anything the arsenal had experienced before, and it has a Canadian company to thank for it.  

Sierra Army Depot receives and stores a variety of Class II and IX items as part of the End of First Life Cylce until such direction is given from the Item Manager for disposition.  Many of the combat vehicles in storage are used for Foreign Military

TACOM from coast to coast

The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) may be headquartered in Warren, Michigan, but its reach and efforts span the nation from coast to coast, border to border. In this issue of TACOM LCMC Community Report, we take a look at TACOM’s locations in Illinois, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, New York and California, and how they fit into TACOM’s national efforts to support our nation’s Soldiers.
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