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Red River Army Depot

The Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas,  is an industrial complex engaged in the remanufacturing, rebuilding, and repair of wheeled and tracked vehicles and missile recertification of Patriot and Hawk missiles.


6.15 Feature Industrial Base LIST

Key leaders discuss preserving the Industrial Base

Army Materiel Command’s top leader engaged congressional representatives and staff members May 14 for a candid discussion focused on preserving the country’s national security insurance policy. 

5.15 Feature 2 LIST

Sierra Army Depot serves military customers

Situated near the Skedaddle Mountain Range in Herlong is Sierra Army Depot, which operates like its own city and supports those defending our nation.

Inspector General - your honest broker

Imagine you become aware of a huge problem that deserves your commander’s attention – let’s say, a huge group of employees are committing time-card fraud.  You’d like to bring it up to your supervisor, but he sweeps everything under the rug.  You’d like to tell your union, but they couldn’t negotiate their way out of the bathroom if the power went out.  You’d like to bring it up to the commander directly, but he has a ring of senior management that filters everything he hears (and maybe your boss is one of them too).  What are you supposed to do?  Ignore it?  Get in on the cut?  Maybe your integrity won’t allow you play along, so you call your Inspector General (IG) and report the issue anonymously.

Sierra Army Depot receives and stores a variety of Class II and IX items as part of the End of First Life Cylce until such direction is given from the Item Manager for disposition.  Many of the combat vehicles in storage are used for Foreign Military

TACOM from coast to coast

The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) may be headquartered in Warren, Michigan, but its reach and efforts span the nation from coast to coast, border to border. In this issue of TACOM LCMC Community Report, we take a look at TACOM’s locations in Illinois, Texas, Alabama, Ohio, New York and California, and how they fit into TACOM’s national efforts to support our nation’s Soldiers.

Welcome to Community Report!

Welcome to the new, improved TACOM LCMC Community Report!

You spoke and we listened.  Earlier this year we sent you a survey asking for your comments on our command newspaper, the TACOM LCMC Community Report.  Your responses were welcomed and very helpful.  After a brief hiatus the TACOM LCMC Community Report is now back as a monthly publication - and we’ve prettied ourselves up a bit in the meantime.
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